Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes. Michael is responding to all students, regardless of achievement or any other data from their past. The only factor that can predict the likelihood of program success for students is the willingness to participate the course after the student attends Michael’s program presentation.

Michael instructors are outstanding academicians and students, who undergo rigorous screening and training processes. We see them as the “cream of the crop” of Israeli educators. Michael instructors are not necessarily teachers, by profession, but they all share a desire to contribute to the development of Israel’s human capital and to the country’s idealistic educational activities.

Yes. The course is suitable for all audiences, from school-age students to various adult populations. Michael offers adult learning courses for the business sector, for private and public companies and for senior managers. Michael also conducts courses within the framework of the Rehabilitation Division of Israel’s National Insurance Institute.

No. However, regarding candidates for the Michael Method Mentor Course, we do give preference to graduates of Michael Method courses from the various frameworks.

Yes. The basic premise of the Michael Method is that all course students have the same personal potential, and therefore all Michael Method students learn under the same conditions, have the same requirements and enjoy the same privileges.In our experience, students with learning disabilities experience the course no different than any other students.