Michael Course
at Teacher Education Colleges

We view, with utmost importance, the role of instructors in training, studying at the colleges of education. The Michael course for future teachers and educational staff members is designed for those who will soon be the educators of the country’s next generation, in terms of instructional materials, curriculum and the student body.

Subjects taught in the course include: improving teaching and lecturing techniques based on the Michael Method; conveying knowledge and tools for developing quality teaching and teaching excellence; empowering teachers vis-à-vis their students; developing creative thinking and more.

The course is offered in two formats: a short course of 8 study sessions of 4 hours each, 42 academic hours. The broader format consists of 14 study sessions of 4 full hours each, 73 academic hours. Courses are held between the months of September and December and between February and June. Summer courses are offered in a concentrated format of 4-5 sessions a week over a two-week period. Studies take place onsite at the preparatory program facilities. Pre-academic preparatory programs and pedagogical managers  – we invite you to contact us to coordinate an introductory meeting with a Michael instructor.