Becoming a Michael Mentor​

The Mentors are university graduates and outstanding scholars from many different professions. All Mentors must undergo thorough screening and training. Among thousands of candidates, only a few dozen are accepted to take on this important role. The screening process includes workshops, individual interviews and tests. Subsequently, candidates will participate in three preparatory courses, each lasting five days, for a total of 220 hours of study, plus a one-day workshop. Between courses, candidates need to complete research assignments worth the equivalent of 300 additional study hours. Candidates selected to be Mentor will continue to undergo training and further training during the first year of work.
This training program is designed to ensure they are competent enough to guide students in the unique educational principles of the Michael method. At the same time, prepare Mentors to be excellent leaders and act as role models for students.

Today, we can access and store information at the speed of light anytime, anywhere. We need to adopt a new approach in teaching and learning because the age of the traditional way of teaching with reading and writing, homework and practice is over. The academic and professional skills we have learned may become outdated, we must be prepared to cope with the changes that are taking place. We should provide students with the tools they will need in the future by entering into each student’s inner world, giving students skills to cultivate and transform their talents become excellence.