The Michael Method
Maximizing Individual Potential
to Attain Excellence

A unique learning technology, the Michael Method is considered a global breakthrough in its field. It was developed in Israel over a lengthy period by dozens of academics from a wide range of disciplines. To date, some 400,000 Israelis of all ages, communities, and walks of life have completed Michael Method courses through various frameworks, including the Israel Ministry of Education (junior highs, and high schools all over Israel), Israel Defense Forces and security services, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Israel Electric Corporation, the National Insurance Institute, Universities, Colleges, pre-military induction training courses and many other in Israel and abroad.

Maximizing the Human Potential: Behavioral scientists have concluded that most of us exploit only a tiny percentage of our innate potential. In most western countries, the education system is in the throes of a prolonged crisis, due to the ever-growing difficulties in preparing students, staff, administrators and leaders to meet the challenges presented by the rapid, far-reaching changes in modern society in terms of technology, lifestyle, and the demands made upon the individual. These difficulties primarily stem from the fact that most education systems focus on imparting information while largely ignoring the need to develop basic skills and abilities. To suit today’s world and the undergoing INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4.0 (4.0 IR) in which vast quantities of information are created and updated constantly, the Michael Method’s educational and potential fulfillment technology focuses far less on the acquisition of specific information, which will soon lose its intrinsic value. The Michael Method instead focuses on the development of individual abilities, such as the belief in personal capability, self-confidence, motivation to succeed and achieve, vision, imagination, the ability to deal with crisis and failure, self-criticism, and ongoing learning habits. At the same time, the Michael Method develops those set of skills that are essential for striving in our times when industrial and business environment and its needs are rapidly changing. The primary goal of the Michael Method is to touch the student’s inner self; this process cannot be described by simply listing the curriculum, it is the process of learning and the unique method of delivery of the information that makes up the difference.
The Michael Method has twice won awards from the International Education Fund, and as a sign of Israel’s high regard for the special contribution made by the Michael Method to Israeli society, one of the Michael Method’s founders, was bestowed with one of Israel’s highest civil honors, to light a torch at the national celebrations on Israel’s 48th Independence Day.
The Michael Method is founded on the following guiding principles:

Excellence is a way of life. With the help of certain tools and skills, we can maximize our intellectual, emotional and social potential. From this, we can surmise the each of us has a different destination, and that our achievements cannot be measured in comparison to others.

All people have both physical and spiritual foundations. Our spiritual foundations form the basis of our consciousness. Our physical foundations are rooted in inherited traits. Our intellectual faculties are a component of our consciousness and are not, therefore, inherited traits.

At birth, every person has exactly the same intellectual and emotional potential, regardless of their character traits, which, of course, vary from person to person. Most people use only a tiny percentage (only 5-7%) of their capacity as humans. This can be attributed, amongst others, to various environmental and personal factors, such as low self-esteem or a lack of ambition, or to educational factors such as faulty learning habits, a superficial understanding of learning materials and more.

Learning excellence, as with all other aspects of life, involves, above all, taking personal responsibility and developing a consciousness of one’s environment.  Strong self-esteem, belief in oneself, and a strong drive towards achievement, are all factors that impact perseverance and educational success. These attributes can be learned and improved, and can help us to integrate excellence into our lives.

A group’s instructor is the factor that most influences the pupils in the group. It is the mentors, themselves, that serve as role models, requiring them to display an affinity towards their students’ cultural – social worlds. Their expectations directly impact their students motivation to learn. An instructor that portrays an open mind and intellect towards their students will strengthen their personal bonds and the entire group’s network of relationships.

Chairman and founder – Menny Barzilai   Yuval Aloni
Mr. Offer Katz – Chainman – Michael Vietnam
Mrs. Vuong Thi Kim Cuc – CEO – Michael Vietnam
Mr. Menny Barzilai – Founder – Michael Israel (Advisor)
Mr. Nir Penso – VP Pedagogy & Training – Michael Israel (Advisor)