About the Program

  1. Creativity and Innovation
  2. Speed reading and process of information skill
  3. Methods of Memorizing and Memory improvement
  4. Time Management skill
  5. Mathematical thinking
  6. Decision Making in changing circumstances skill
  7. Modern scientific thinking
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Teamwork skill
  10. Emotional Intelligence management

Behavioral Objectives:

  1. Promoting and building a higher self-confidence
  2. Encourage and develop positive thinking
  3. Increased awareness of the importance of self-expression
  4. Understanding of the importance of contending with difficulties and personal failures as the keys to future success “no dare no win”
  5. Increased personal discipline and commitment for individual and social commitments
  6. Higher motivation to achieve in the widest possible range of activities
  7. Adoption of the techniques that reduce anxieties about exams and other learning tasks
  8. Developing motivation to broaden knowledge and go on to higher education

Acquire the thought of “love for humanity”, which is the foundation for the success of each individual and the whole society.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Adoption of techniques that develop the imagination
  2. Development of creativity and the understanding of its importance
  3. Memory improvement skills
  4. Understanding modern scientific thought
  5. Adoption of methods that increase reading speed and efficiency
  6. Problem-solving approaches to reading comprehension
  7. The study of efficient ways to organize study materials
  8. Developing skills and abilities for individual study of mathematics
  9. Theoretical and practical understanding of music
  10. Understanding the information and Big Data revolution
  11. Learning the principles of drawing
  12. Familiarity with the world of theater
  13. Self-development of tools for personal expression

  1. Developing intellectual capabilities
  2. Developing emotional capabilities
  3. Expanding the imagination
  4. Developing social responsibility
  5. Developing emotional intelligence
  6. Success with immediate tasks
  7. Success with medium-term projects
  8. Boosting self-confidence
  9. Positive self-image
  10. Positive thinking
  11. Belief in ability
  12. Coping with stressful situations in general and exam anxiety in particular
  13. Motivation to succeed
  14. Development of self-discipline, determination and persistence
  15. Internalization of the belief in the ability of every person to succeed and to accomplish any goal he/she sets for him/herself

A dramatic improvement in all fields of study

The program taught in junior high and high schools, students take tests before they start the program, and then again at the end. These tests cover twelve core, quantifiable topics. At the end of the course, the percentage improvement is calculated between the two tests and each student receives a report on their performance in each of the examined topics.