Michael Method is a globally unique one-of-a-kind learning technology. It aims to elevate self – confidence and mindset providing program graduates with a set of skills and knowledge that will help them to best fulfill their own innate potential and cope successfully with the challenges of the forth coming industrial revolution. Using the tools at our disposal, we strive to improve personal development processes bringing them to new heights.


Programs & Courses

Michael Course for Secondary School Students
Junior high school programs provide rich, hands-on experiences, covering a wide range of fields of study relevant to the needs of students in grades 7-9. In the program, we emphasize the following: improving reading skills to better prepare for high school education; developing study skill for subjects not taught in school; exposure to art and the ability to express oneself through art; developing mathematical thinking; improving memory; and more.
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Michael Course for High School Students
The program is designed based on the needs of high school students (grades 10 - 12). The goal is to provide students with unique learning experiences and tools ... to prepare students to go to university and higher levels.
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Michael Course for Pre-Academic Preparation Programs
The Program suitable for students in the preparatory period: Offered within the framework of preparatory programs and colleges in Israel. During the course, Michael emphasizes strengthening skills with learning orientation.
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Michael Course at Teacher Education Colleges
We always uphold the role of instructors / teachers in training at pedagogical colleges ...
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Michael Course for the General Public
The course is designed for individuals aged 21 or older. The unique Michael Method taught in the course, enriches and gives a deeper understanding, thus improving creative thinking and its practice, handling changes, decision-making, developing techniques for realizing innate personal, emotional and social potential...
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Michael Course for Recently Discharged Soldiers
Completing the military service is a turning point that changes lives for those who are recently discharged. First, these young people have to contend with awkward situations and have to guide their lives in the future.
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Michael Course for Private and Public Companies
People are always the most important factor in determining the success of an organization, but most people in the modern era have not realized all their potential. Therefore, at most companies, managers and employees have not brought their best to share, deploy and develop to achieve maximum work efficiency.
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Michael Course in Collaboration with the National Insurance Institute’s Rehabilitation Division
Since 1998, Michael has been collaborating with the Rehabilitation Department of the National Insurance Institute of Israel (NII) to help rehabilitation patients significantly improve their recovery process and increase their independence. The Michael Course serves as a stepping stone for them to return to their work environment, which can be applied to patients from many different professions. Considering the needs of the participants, we are especially focused on boosting confidence, developing practical learning skills, improving memory and mathematical thinking to prepare for academic study and more.
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